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Thorne Melcher

Thirty-something trans woman with a diverse array of expertise and successes. Primary passions are coding and writing. I'm always learning, always creating, always building. Newbie farmer. Dedicated to building a better, more inclusive world for all.

@ExistentialEnso - Georgia, USA - she/her

Software Engineer & Technical Lead

I've passionately programmed since being mentored by my grandfather in elementary school in the mid-90s. I spent three years as Chief Technology Officer of a Y Combinator startup and am a battle-tested technical leader. I have a decade of professional experience and over two decades of total coding experience. My primary focuses are web and mobile.

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Published in the New York Times

My articles have been featured in a number of publications. You can find many of them on the articles section. My areas of interest with non-fiction writing are transgender issues, left-wing politics,red-brownism, technology, gaming, and social media.

Additionally, I am working on publishing sci-fi and fantasy novels (with several drafts written).


YouTube Channel

My grandfather, who inspired me to get into software engineering, was also a farmer (and a doctor!). Though a unique combination of expertise, he thought it was important that more people learn how to produce food, given much was being taken over by large-scale agribusiness.

The older I got, the more I realized how important this was to work towards building a sustainable, healthier future for us all. In 2019, my partner and I decided to learn about permaculture farming techniques and apply them on a little farm. We started raising ducks and geese for eggs — and their ability to fertilize the land.

Trans Activist & Consultant

Transelation Consulting

I have faced a lot of challenges as a transgender person, and I hope to help others avoid the same struggles. Not only do I do activism for the trans community, but I offer consulting services to organizations seeking an expert opinion on how to help ensure they do a good job taking care of the needs of trans people.


In addition to being a native English speaker, I have intermediate Japanese skills and basic skills in a number of other languages.